radicle [r˘ad˜i-kel]

The part of a seed that develops into the primary root.


We believe wealth management is a partnership of people, money, and values. We are committed to building and maintaining a firm foundation - strong roots – from which your family may thrive now and across generations.

As an independent firm with institutional resources, we offer comprehensive wealth services and resources tailored to your values and goals. We prioritize collaborative and purposeful decision-making based on detailed and transparent analysis. We actively identify and implement personalized solutions, navigating through uncertainty and enabling discovery of new opportunities.

Holistic wealth management is a journey. Plant. Grow. Harvest. Repeat.


Joshua W. Moullet CFP®

Josh Moullet is a co-founder of Radicle Wealth Management and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. Previously, he founded and provided comprehensive financial services through Moullet Wealth Management. Josh began his financial advisory career in 2004 with Diversified Financial Concepts.

For more information regarding Josh’s background as an investment professional, please visit FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

Shawn E. Contento Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Shawn Contento is a co-founder of Radicle Wealth Management. She began her financial advisory career in 2001 with Diversified Financial Concepts before founding her own firm in 2011, Contento Financial Planning. Shawn attained the Certified Fund Specialist designation in 2012, and her Certified Financial Fiduciary® in 2021. Prior to her career in financial services, Shawn worked in education for 18 years.

For more information regarding Shawn’s background as an investment professional, please visit FINRA’s BrokerCheck.


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